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  • Gena Festival

The celebration of Christ’s birth (‘Genna’)

In Ethiopia, the celebration of Christ’s birth (‘Genna’) is celebrated on January 7. The day before Christmas most of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers fast all day. The people wear a thin cotton wrap and gather in the churches to celebrate the birth of Christ with a beautiful ceremony throughout the night.

A Christmas celebration you can hardly imagine waits in Lalibela, the "Second Jerusalem," with traditions unknown outside the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Church. During your stay also see Ethiopia's stunning scenery and the monuments of its imperial past. Celebrate Christmas in a truly unique way in the “Second Jerusalem,” discovering ancient Christian traditions little-known outside Ethiopia.

Stunning 17th-century castles and churches have earned Gondar a World Heritage listing. On Christmas Day, celebrated on Jan. 7. Fly to Lalibela, which King Lalibela founded in the 12th century as the Second Jerusalem. Visit a series of churches that lie in rock cradles.

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Things to Do

  • iconBeautiful ceremony throughout the night.
  • iconThe "Second Jerusalem,"
  • iconEthiopian Orthodox Church
  • iconDiscovering ancient Christian traditions little-known outside Ethiopia.